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Mission Statement:

To provide sincere and legitimate information for ALL aspiring authors and be a vehicle for publishing dreams to be fulfilled.

Hello, I’m David W. Smith and I started Synergy Books Publishing in 2004 after seeing the industry up close and personal. After creating the popular, “Hidden Mickey” novels, I experienced the common misinformation that is often received by authors as they navigate the complex and very poorly represented field of writing and publishing. I’ve learned through interviewing dozens of “traditionally published” authors a significant degree of unhappiness, disappointment, and heartache most all expressed. I didn’t want that for me!

In addition, I’ve met many unsuspecting authors who were taken advantage of by unscrupulous hybrid publishers who prey on the ‘starry-eyed’ author often willing to do anything to get their books printed and published, often, taking thousands of dollars in “publishing fees” and expenses in return for virtually nothing for the author. Again, I didn’t want that for me!

I also discovered that the VAST majority of authors were not making a DIME on their books! It was costing them more in gas and time to do a book signing than the income generated by the sale of those signed books! You guessed it, I didn’t want that for me!

Through research I found that there was a FAR better way to not just create and publish my work, but a way to make a LOT more MONEY in the process. And if you are like me, THAT was something I wanted!

And now, I offer this information absolutely free with NO OBLIGATION at all! I now represent over 30 authors and nearly 50 different titles!

If you would like this information and learn how YOU can become a SUCCESSFUL author, call me personally at: (435) 680-3250 for a free phone consultation!

And read through the information on my website!

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