I’ve finished my book, now what?

I’ve finished my book…NOW WHAT?

While writing your book took time, (a lot of time for most of us!), the hard work happens AFTER your book has been written! Here are a few details you need to make sure you have also considered:

  • Professionally Edited? Having your wife, kids, neighbors, parents read through your manuscript is all well and good…yet, very subjective! You really need to have an objective edit by a professional done of your book if you hope to have it meet the demands of astute readers!
  • Cover Work? The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is true in the context of content, but in terms of making your book appeal to readers it is completely false. The cover is what draws the eye to the book; it is what tells potential readers that your book is indeed worth reading.
  • Back Cover: People will turn to the back cover if the front cover has caught their eye. A short, ‘teaser’ whetting the reader’s intrigue will be critical. Pictures can speak volumes here, too.
  • Inside material: About the Author, Dedication Page, Copyright Page, Foreword, Introduction, Preface, Acknowledgement Page, Contents, Title page, among others need to be considered.
  • Decide your book “Goals”. What do you want to be able to do with your book? Make money? Sell to friends and family? Does your book have the material that MANY people would enjoy or value? Or, does your book have more specific audience members in mind? These are important as they will help you decide on which publishing route you will seek.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Even if you are traditionally published, most publishing houses now REQUIRE authors to establish a very extensive “Author Platform”. This includes ALL the ways you, the author, will pursue to market and promote your book on their behalf. Do you have a blog, website, pod cast, email list? Will you be able to travel and do book signings, lectures, and appearances? Have you designed postcards, bookmarks, fliers and handouts? These and hundreds of other aspects to defining your platform are critical…regardless of the publishing route you choose.
  • What kind of budget have you set aside for your book? Even if you are traditionally published, your success will ultimately reside with you and your ability to market and promote yourself and your book.

Decide HOW you want to PUBLISH: Read through the publishing options I’ve included on this web site. (Click HERE to learn more). Decide which is most advantageous to you. This is important as the route you take could require substantial timing, planning, and consideration.