About Synergy Books Publishing

If you have read through the different publishing options, you probably now wonder what does Synergy Books Publishing do? GREAT Question! (Glad you asked!)

As both and author and an author advocate, I looked at what the vast majority of authors need and want: They want to make money on their books and they would like to have them available world-wide.

Thus, here is what we do in a nutshell:

  • We print books at the lowest cost possible at the highest quality in off-set printing. (No digital printing here!!) I get quotes from printers AROUND THE WORLD to get the best pricing. All our pricing at SBP is guaranteed, includes shipping to you and to distribution if chosen.
  • Authors CONTROL all their work, OWN all their work and the rights to their work, and decides the price of their book, the profit they wish to make, and where they want to sell their books.
  • Synergy Books Publishing also provides DISTRIBUTION services for its authors. This means, YOUR books can be put into the largest distribution companies that sell to the largest book stores in the world! (Barnes and Noble does not buy from authors nor publishers, only from the distributors they work with.) So, you not only can sell your own stock of books at 100% of the profit to you, your books are available at the large retail stores which allows you to do book signings at any or all that you wish to do!
  • All Synergy printed books have the Synergy Imprint logo that makes your book a published book!

VERY SIMPLE: Synergy authors get a FREE quote on various print runs that fit their budget. Once a printing cost is agreed, a simple book printing agreement form is signed and the books go into production. The author will get a digital proof for review on line where changes can be made. After final approval, the author will get a HARD COPY proof to review. Again, changes can be made at this stage. Once the hard proof is approved, the books go into production and upon completion, are shipped directly to the author. (Shipping costs are ALWAYS included in your price quote…so no surprises at all!) Once the author has inspected the books, final payment is then paid to Synergy Books Publishing.

It really is that easy!

With the books in YOUR hands, you can set up book events, signings, book sales, (on-line, or in person), and make the books available anywhere and anyway you want! You are NOT subject to certain qualification or restrictions that traditional publishers will make.

Are you ready to jump in and start having people READ YOUR BOOK? Yep, I thought so!

Call Synergy Books TODAY for a no obligation consultation! (435) 680-3250